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The Association of Friends of the Ecological Park denounced, through the social network ‘Facebook’, acts of vandalism registered in Pico do Areeiro.

Yesterday morning, the geographer Raimundo Quintal made the following publication: “This morning, when we arrived at the Cabeço da Lenha Environmental Education Camp, we found the fence busting near the gate.” Accompanied by images, the complaint was later shared on the association’s social network.

Still according to Raymond Quintal, contrary to what happened before, this time the violators did not even steal machines. However, they will have fired shots at rabbits and partridges in an area where hunting is banned.

“Unfortunately, we are still at the mercy of those who are energetic, who insist on not respecting nature and private property”, stresses the geographer. A situation that, as he underlined, did not prevent the association from lowering its arms and, even with wind and cold, to plant and help the mountain massif of Pico do Areeiro, helping to regain its diversity.

It seems in the last year petty crime and vandalism is on the rise, we never really had much of a problem with this before. Is it the return of people who have been out of the country and their kids or just the lack of education amoungst the younger generation here, which I thought was always very good.