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The photo leaves no doubt. Despite being in a reduced amount, there are still traces of hail fall at Pico do Areeiro, the second highest point in Madeira, 1,818 meters above water level.

According to the mountain guide, Phil Andrade, the thermometer marks 2 ° Celsius at Pico do Areeiro, and the truth is that at 9 o’clock this Thursday morning the lowest temperature was recorded at this point, that is, 1º Celsius.

Interestingly, it was at 00h40 that the highest temperature was recorded at Pico do Areeiro, with the IPMA at 6º Celsius.

It is recalled that between 21 and 3 in the morning there was a yellow warning for the Mountain Regions regarding rainfall, in which case in particular 25.4 mmof precipitation was recorded from midnight to 11 o’clock.