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The heavy rain of the last dawn produced, between midnight and 06 a.m., 24 records with level of meteorological warning, and the precipitation registered in three stations of the upper zone of Funchal even reached an amount equivalent to the meteorological situation of extreme risk (red warning). This was observed in Monte (67.7 mm / 6 h), Pio do Areeiro (66.5 mm / 6 h) and Pico Alto (65.6 mm / 6 h). There were also 10 records with an orange warning level: Madeira Airport (25.3 mm / 1h and 48.0 mm / 6h), Bica da Cana (22.8 mm / 1h and 57.5 mm / 6h); Pico do Areeiro (30.5 mm / 1h); Chão do Areeiro (29.8 mm / 1h); High Peak (27.4 mm / 1h); Mount (29.9 mm / 1h) and Caniçal (28.2 mm / 1h).

The remaining 11 records were yellow: Funchal / Observatory (16.7 mm / 1h); Low Place (13.1 mm / 1h);Pongo do Pargo (12,6 mm1h), Loin of Tuesday (10,2 mm / 1h); Santo da Serra (15.4 mm / 1h and 32.9 mm / 6h); Caniçal (34.6 mm / h); Ponta de São Jorge (15.4 mm / 1h); São Vicente (11.5 mm / 1h); Porto Moniz (16.3 mm / 1h) and Porto Santo (16.5 mm / 1h).

It is pointed out that during the early morning the IPMA raised the level of ‘alert’ to the precipitation to orange warning, which from 7am lowered to yellow, warning that will be lifted within half an hour (9am).

It’s been a lovely day so far after the nights rain, I’m heading North for the weekend now, so looking forward to seeing the big waves.