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A conversation with some of the world’s top travel experts led Forbes magazine to create a list of the ’19 Best Places to Meet in 2019′ . The island of Madeira is among the places chosen, in a list that also includes the Azores.

According to Forbes, citadel María Pellicer, “Madeira is a great destination of nature and remains little explored.” “Due to its remote location, there is a feeling of something exotic and isolated – but as it is Portugal, gastronomy and culture are still present”, explains the specialist who has been working for more than ten years in the area of ​​Tourism.

In fact, the magazine even mentions that for those who love nature, this is a destiny that must be followed.

The firework as a postcard

Most recently, an article from the same magazine tells of Madeira as the destination for a superb holiday and firework display. Lea Lane talks about the Christmas and New Year festivities that she considers unique and that offer the best firework show in the World.

In an article that can be considered a mini-guide for those who want to get to know Madeira in the winter, this traveler approaches the Night Market and advises the visitors to take a cable car ride to visit the Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte.

Other suggestions include the Botanical Garden of Madeira or a visit to Câmara de Lobos, described as a very picturesque fishing village.

However, the tips for travelers do not stay in the winter, with the magazine suggesting that the island be visited year-round. And why not visit Porto Santo? This is another of the proposals presented.

Taken from Diario Noticias