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The pregnant woman, who was beaten last night in the Zona Velha, has been the target of violence for some time.

The news, released by JM late last night along with a video, became viral.

It is now known that this is a couple of foreigners who are living in Madeira, and this is not the first time that aggressions of this kind have taken place. According to the newspaper, the Public Security Police (PSP) had already been called on several times for the same reason.

The couple is therefore signaled by the police who, therefore, will not have difficulty in identifying the aggressor, since it will have record of previous aggressions, on the part of the same foreign individual.

Last night, when the aggression occurred, the PSP arrived at the scene even before the ambulance.

The rescue was done by the pre-hospital team of the Portuguese Red Cross, who transported the woman to the Hospital. The victim had several lesions on the face, including bleeding wounds, and bruises.