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The Navy expects a worsening of the oceanographic weather conditions in the Madeira archipelago, between Saturday morning, November 17th, and Sunday afternoon, November 18th. The state of the sea and the wind will worsen, and a strong sea wave is expected throughout the island of Madeira with rippling coming from the Northwest quadrant, with a significant height that can reach 7 meters, with waves of more than 12 meters. The wind can register speeds of over 36 km / h and bursts above 60 km / h.

It is recommended that precautionary measures be taken, such as reinforcement of the mooring and tight surveillance of moored vessels, avoid sidewalks, especially in the piers, and on the beaches.

The population should avoid coastal areas, especially those exposed to sea turmoil and along the seafront, to maintain a vigilant attitude, taking into account that in these extreme conditions, the sea can easily reach apparently safe areas.