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The population of sea lions in the Desertas Nature Reserve increased last November.

Through the social network ‘Facebook’, the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation reported that on 22nd November, the Nature Watchers came across two female sea lions with young offspring.

One of the animals was on the open beach normally used by this species during breeding season. The other was at the entrance of a cave.

The IFCN adds that one is female, daughter of the ‘Female Y’, the other being a male, son of the ‘Parenthesis’.

Despite the fact that other young specimens have not yet been detected, the work of monitoring this species that has been carried out in the Desertas Islands may bring news soon.

The institute also points out that the registered seals’ dynamics may indicate the existence of more offspring.

This body belonging to the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Natural Resources explains that the “Monk seal or monk seal, Monachus monachus, as it is known in the archipelago of Madeira, is the rarest seal in the world.”

It further states that this is a species “considered endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature”.

It concludes that “in Portugal, it occurs only in the archipelago of Madeira, more specifically in the Desertas Islands and the island of Madeira, it traces its population estimated in 25-30 copies.”