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Bespoke Villas have just finished a stunning 2 bedroom villa very near Ponta do Sol, if your thinking of a move to Madeira in 2019 then this company build quality villas. But don’t get too excited the villa has already been sold! I asked Robert Webb from Bespoke Villas to tell us a little more about what is involved in a Bespoke Villas projects.

Thanks Tobi, well Bespoke Villas traces its roots back to 2001 when Nelio Mendes started building quality villas for the local Madeiran population. In 2005 we started building for foreign buyers who would see our completed and sold villas and made direct contact with us, asking for something similar as a family holiday home. At the time the English spoken in the company was very limited, however the projects undertaken were completed and the keys handed over to the delighted new property owners.  Over the next years our business grew and our villas took on a special form, they became the dream properties of our clients, every part of our construction was a reflection of the lifestyle they wished to achieve, the completed projects are full of personalised details and truly bespoke. Our unique brand of Bespoke Villas was born and today we have built many villas for foreign owners. These days we are also fluent in English!

Many potential property buyers come to Madeira and start looking around, often they are surprised by how difficult it is to find decent property options that tick the right boxes, often they just run out of time or don’t see interesting properties and give up.  Some potential property buyers feel that Madeira property has big price differences from one area to another. Many potential property buyers have asked about a local property guide, like exist in the Portuguese mainland. Property buyers want to better understand the local property market, the banks, hospitals, Brexit, currency exchanges, work opportunities, retirement and pensions, so as nothing existed, we created one. The Complete Madeira Buyers Guide is 23 pages and packed full of information, it can be downloaded free from our website. Anyone looking to buy property will find it a very good place to start.

We build the ideal property for our clients, it’s a property they can’t find from market housing, they choose a suitable plot, then we work on their project ideas. The design process takes time and there are several visits to the architect in order to complete the ideal design. The right design will achieve the perfect pool shape, the right property orientation and the right number of rooms, it is going to be our clients dream property!  During the construction process, every part of the build is the taste and design of the client, the carpenter will build their ideal kitchen, the walk-into wardrobes and the staircase, we will order the interior materials for the client, in some cases these are specially imported. Right down to the taps, the tiles and the doors, our client has the choice, to create the villa and living experience they wish for.

The project featured is located 5 minutes from the pretty village of Ponta do Sol. The finished villa is an example of a completed project, every single part has been the choice of our clients.

I have been lucky enough to see this villa, and it truly is stunning, the finishing touches are first class, and the new owners have had all the help needed, to make Madeira their second home. 

Download the Complete Updated Guide if you are thinking of living, moving or buying in Madeira https://www.justmadeira.com/