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The PSD deputy in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira (ALM), Luís Miguel Calaça, was detained by the Public Security Police, following a troublesome traffic control operation, which took place at dawn on 2 December in Funchal. The incident involved air gunfire and a police chase.

The Diario Noticias knows that the criminal process has already entered the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) and follows the legal procedures. The 39-year-old deputy, former president of the Caniçal Parish Council, was constituted as defendant and awaits trial under the term of identity and residence. He will come to answer for the practice of driving crimes under the influence of alcohol, disobedience to authority and even attempted to run over a police officer.

It will be incumbent upon the Madeira Court of Appeal, in due time, to notify the president of the ALM, requesting the waiver of the parliamentary immunity of Luís Calaça, so that it can be questioned by the DIAP in the scope of this process and also to answer judicially for the crimes in question. A decision that should, in due course, be put to the parliamentary vote.

The Diario Noticias is trying to get a comment from Deputy Luis Calaça about this detention, as well as to know if he is available to collaborate with justice.