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One last photo this Friday.

Next Friday I want to see some of your Christmas photos, so please send a crazy, fun, Christmas image and I will post as many as I can.

This image is from Morton Berg with a great story with it.

Hi! I’m sending you a very old picture for your photo collection. I took it in 1983 in Curral Freiras. It was my first visit to Madeira and it took forever and a day to get around on the island. We paid a visit to the Curral Freiras and was told that some people had never been out of the valley. This local hair dresser was cutting hair in some workshop door opening. I’ve been thinking that maybe somebody out there doesn’t have a picture of his/her grandfather and wanted to share it. Madeira made such an impression on me and I’ve been back almost 20 times since then. Best regards, Morten Berg.