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Last count reveals that 28,720kg of solid waste was collected.

Comparing the years 2017 and 2018, there was a reduction of the total waste collected by about 17.4% on the night of the Funchal Market.

The information was provided this afternoon by the Municipality of Funchal when informing that, regarding the cleaning of the event “Night of the Market – 2018”, a total of 28,720 kg of waste was admitted to the Transfer Station and Sorting of Solid Waste in Funchal. solids, 5,140 kg of which were collected selectively (17.90%).

In 2017 34,790 kg of waste were collected, and 15.98% were collected selectively.

Here is the amount of waste generated last night:

– Undifferentiated waste: 23,580 kg;

– Card: 1,420 kg;

– Glass: 610 kg;

– “Packing” (plastic and metal packaging): 490 kg;

– Wood: 2,100 kg;

– Branches: 520 Kg.