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The climate in 2017 is marked in the history of Porto Santo as the year in which there were more days without rain, about 345 days, 27 days higher than the one registered in 2016. In Funchal, had been counted about 324 days. 

While for the ‘golden island’ is an unprecedented value, for Funchal, only 2004 was superior. The measures were taken at the two stations where the values ​​are recorded in Madeira.

According to data from the Regional Bureau of Statistics of Madeira, the amount of rainfall falling in both Madeira and Porto Santo was 377 millimeters and 366.9 respectively, down from 2016. The year 2010 continues to be the one that made the most precipitation.

Another of the revealed data refers to the hottest month of 2017 that, in both Funchal and Porto Santo, was August. The coldest month was also shared by both locations, with February being the least warm month. Still revealed was the year in which the number of nights in which the temperature surpassed 20ºC, with 2017 in Funchal topping the previous year. In Porto Santo, the scenario was reversed.