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Thank you to Peter for sending me this information.
This was the word which was invariably yelled at us when we entered the fruit and nut shop on the first floor of Ribeira Brava’s small market on the seafront. We always had a laugh about that! Obviously, we said to ourselves, the owner has bought too many nuts and is desperately trying to get rid of them!
You can imagine our surprise when we went back to Ribeira Brava after our summer in the Netherlands, we only live in Madeira in the winter, and found that the shop had moved to the ground floor and had doubled in size! Now they not only sell Macademia nuts, and three different varieties no less, they also sell a vast collection of beautiful dried fruits, grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, wines and spirits and oils and vinegars. Since we first arrived in Madeira in 2007, we have seen some improvement in the range of goods in the average supermarket, but there were still a number of herbs and spices, and some other specific ingredients, that were impossible to get on the island.
This shop has largely filled that gap. Not only will you be able to get items which are unavailable elsewhere, it’s also worth a visit for its sheer beauty. Those who insist on their oatmeal for breakfast, flocos de aveia, will find they sell it in three varieties.
Rua Gago Coutinho, Mercado
Ribeira Brava