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National Geographic magazine has published an article on “the rarest seal on the face of the Earth,” which lies precisely in Madeira.

The monk seal of the Mediterranean (Monachus monachus), also known as sea lion, is the central theme of an extensive work written by João Rodrigues, with the photographic support of Luís Quinta, which is published in this well-known magazine in November.

“They live 20 to 25 solitary years, the limit of their longevity, but they become more gregarious at the time of creation. During this phase, they look for sheltered beaches inside caves or even open beaches to accompany their offspring for four months, “it can be read in the publication, which shows the work done by the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) in the preservation of the species in the Madeira Seas, when in 1998 there were only eight sea lions.

“It was known that monk seals had recently returned to Madeira, after decades of isolation in the Desertas. However, through the GPS system, it was possible to verify that these animals record records of aquatic marathons. In the space of just one month, they are able to make dozens of trips between the islands. The icing on the cake of this project was the revelation of diving behaviors that were kept as secrets of gods. So far, it was believed that they would not exceed 120 meters deep. Now it is known that they swim regularly at the bottom, 200 and 300 meters, reaching the incredible maximum depth of 394 meters, the largest recorded record for this species, “writes the renowned magazine in an article you can read by clicking here