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The Ribeiro Seco Mel-de-Cana Factory presents tomorrow, December 6, at the Fugacidade bar, an ‘Imperial Stout’ inspired by the traditional honey cake made in conjunction with the ‘Dois Corvos’ beer brewery, represented on Madeira soil by the young’ Vilhoa Craft Beer Dealers’.

With a nearly black and full-bodied base, the beer was ‘spiced’ with many spices equally used in the famous cake. It is believed that the addition of cane sugar from the Ribeiro Seco Mill contributed not only to an approximation of the flavors, but also to a substantial increase in the alcoholic percentage of the beverage, being an authentic Christmas delicacy. In addition to the sweets, beer promises to ‘measure strength’ with the more robust dishes. Experience is limited to existing stock, so it is a seasonal creation.