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The complaint is put forward by the Town Council of Caniço, who hope to recover the chair and hold the author responsible for the robbery. The armchair was next to Santa Claus for the traditional photographs.

In a note released this afternoon, the Junta de Freguesia shows its protest. He denounces the robbery and considers it “a blatant act of lack of respect for the population of Caniço”.

According to the same information, “they robbed the Santa’s chair tonight, from the outside of our Church.” One act, continues the Camara , “whose cowardice does not have values ​​for which we should all guide ourselves: honesty, respect for the other, an act that can only be considered low and stupid,” the statement said. of local power. 

“This is an event  for all and what ‘the friends of others’ should be denounced (confirmed), we ask anyone who may have seen something or know the whereabouts of the chair that please inform us,” asks the Board of Parish of Caniço. And he guarantees: “No effort will be spared to find out who was responsible for the robbery and we will do everything to make them responsible.”