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This is what Groups Savoy and Pestana sell at the Helsinki Fair, holidays in Madeira at 25 euros per person per night in five star hotels.

Funchal News has been informed that the destination Madeira is being sold for 25 euros per day by the groups Savoy and Pestana, in Matka, a fair of the tourism and travel industry that is held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Prices that end up scandalising those who, in the Region and in the hotel industry, have to face this tough competition. To the FN came comments of “selling Madeira to pataco” and even considerations of possible unfair competition, as well as images of the promotional posters.

The photos are illustrative and show that the Savoy and Pestana hotels, classified as being five stars, are promoting through time-share companies stays from one week to double room, at 350 euros. This results in the amount of 25 euros per night and per person.

Moreover, those who buy this vacation can choose the week that they want, for two years, according to a source that we consider of credible.

At the Matka – Helsinki Fair, which began on the 17th and ends today, three different time-share companies market stays at the Savoy, a hotel with a huge capacity to accommodate people and whose volumetry was very much talked about in Funchal. Matka is considered the largest trade fair in the Northern European travel industry and is visited annually by more than 50,000 consumers and 20,000 travel and hotel professionals.