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The Associação Ajuda a Alimentar Cães rescued two animals “who were living in deplorable conditions” on a private estate in the Quinta Grande.

According to the head of the association, the dogs were found chained to a tree, in the middle of the mud, without water or food. As they appeared to be quite debilitated they were collected by members of the association and are now being treated at the vet.

“It can not continue to be normal to chain animals into trees. It can not continue to be normal for animals to sleep in the mud. It can not continue to be normal for these freaks and criminals to go unpunished, said the president of Aid to Food Dogs, lamenting this situation.

It is known that the Public Security Police monitored the process. Taken from Jornal Madeira. 

And what will be done about this along with every other story of animal cruelty??? . Its all well and good all these charities helping and rescuing animals, but they need to stand together and make things change, nothing will be done. The government will do nothing, the police will do nothing, and these charities don’t work with each other to make a change.