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The deputy of the Left Block, Paulino Ascencion, said today that APRAM “has announced works in the Funchal marina that generate perplexity among its users.”

“The thirty-meter extension of the southern pier will have the effect of lessening the hustle and bustle inside the marina, but will act as a barrier to the sediments transported by the São João stream, which will be deposited at the entrance and inside the marina itself. ” 

Paulino Ascenção says that “the agitation of the waters inside the marina has become a problem with the construction of the quay eight, a construction of zero utility and that damages the operability of the entire port and the marina.”

“We may be facing another misapplied patch that aims to mitigate the negative consequences of a previous error – the construction of quay eight – but which may lead to new silting problems and justify further future interventions,” he said.

It concludes that APRAM “should give more explanations about this option, show what studies it is based on, what other alternative solutions have been considered and demonstrate that this solution that has been announced is the best.”