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The writer Manuel Magno Jardim will launch the work “5th Empire – The Barge” in the Foyer of the Baltasar Dias Municipal Theatre on January 31 at 6pm. The book is in English.

In the development of this work of investigation and personal affirmation as author and among other aspects, of the projection of Madeiran culture abroad making this ascetic work of the “Portugal Nation” employed in the “Message” of Fernando Pessoa in the “V Empire”, a milestone for both the people of Madeira and those who deigned to support this journey in favour of my personal evolution and self-learning, both for the possible paradigmatic and paradoxical ethical and moral prognosis that may arise from the launch of this work in English in other cultures, the purpose of this work in particular to all resident and non-resident foreigners, the general population, school groups in English, humanities, philosophy, teachers, promoters, consular agents, public participate in this release.

“5th Empire – The Barge”, a book translated entirely in English from the author’s first work (5th Empire), which integrates a trilogy based on the decoding of the poetics ended in the “Message” by Fernando Pessoa, followed by a presentation in the United Kingdom still to be scheduled.

The fourth book he publishes, among which the second one he edited was awarded the prize for best educational work of 2018 in Brazil in a literary trophy promoted by the publishing house “ZL” in a work composed of 4 Madeiran writers in “5º Império – A Quimera “which will be relaunched with a limited number of copies on the same occasion and sold out at the national level in the same year it was published (2017).

“Following my process as a writer, this work begins by inserting itself into a theme that dominates our modern society, in this case the freedom of thought and what tools we can use to discern and know how to apply them in our daily lives, is an especially critical work of democracy in the present.