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After a year, the Group Dancing with the Difference returns to TVI, where it will perform, at 21.45, in the program ‘Dance with the Stars’, which is conducted by Rita Pereira and Pedro Teixeira.

The announcement was made on the Facebook page of the well-known group, promising a “surprise” that will delight the public.

Last year, the Dancing with the Difference Group also participated in another TVI ‘Let’s Dance’ program, conducted by Fátima Lopes, where she presented the choreography ‘Menina da Lua’. A moment that took the public to the red, even going so far as Sofia Ribeiro and Cifrão, who were part of the jury.

“We are facing the choreography of the night,” said the dancer Cifrão.

It is recalled that the group intends to convey through dance that social exclusion can be fought.

Straight translation from Diario Noticias