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The GNR seized yesterday, January 3, 35 kilos of fish at the Rocha do Navio Reserve in São Jorge, Santana, and identified a 54-year-old man.

The seizure took place as part of a patrol of the Territorial of Madeira, through the Tax Office of the Free Zone of Madeira, and the military seized 35 kilos of lapas, and two kilos of octopus for illegal fishing in the reserve, in the period of closure (which runs until the end of March of this year) and without a license.

The fish was seized along with a diving suit, a pair of fins, goggles and breathing tube, two lapeiras and a bucket, utensils used in the practice of the activity.

It should be noted that the site Rocha do Navio is a coastal area located in the north of the island of Madeira, which is of great natural, scientific and cultural value, with several rare endemic species.

The seized fish was delivered to the institution of Solidarity Cause Social Aconchego, in the town of Machico.