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GoBrunch offers a healthy & vegetarian food choice,
regional and seasonal products in a creative and mobile concept.

Ruben Freitas has sent me information about this great service he provides.

A little about Gobrunch.
A healthy diet, a healthy mind.
After having treated a sciatic nerve pain, resorting to alternative medicines and changing my eating
habits, my recovery was astounding. From then on curiosity was growing and knowledge as well.
The idea is still developing in Spain when I finish the Erasmus program on a visit to Barcelona. I come
across a new lifestyle, vegetarian restaurants, vegans and stores of natural juices, coldpressed juices,
still novelty in Spain.
Since then I have been gathering all the information, with practice in my experiences and knowledge
has arisen a business plan.
The concept.
In 2017, we went out with the VW on four wheels and with an initial menu. A market study was
important to Gobrunch’s growth, acceptance could not have been better. We were welcomed in the
places we went through.
In a healthy environment, eco-sustainable, biodegradable, reusable with creativity and innovation,
Gobrunch began to assert itself more and more.
Over this time, the idea was maturing at a cruising speed. All aspects count towards this organic
An awakening of the senses, from the palate to the touch, to the smell and the image. The preferred
material is recycled paper or organic material. Gobrunch is also concerned about the environment by
reducing plastic consumption and food waste.
The importance of seasonal and seasonal foods, work together with local producers and establish
partnerships that share the same. The client who becomes a friend, shares unique stories, adventures
and moments. In such a short time we have created a house full of new friends who share the same
thought in their differences. We try to offer the best with the greatest transparency and honesty as
Our services are based on improving eating habits, detoxifying the body and in turn the mind –
through Detox Plans, with Yoga partnerships, alternative medicines and gyms. Our service is personalised
according to your idea or suggestion, we work for the original and unforgettable picnic, catering
or coffee break.
Well being and trust are important points to the concept, our entire client deserves all our love and
dedication. We tried to make a difference with a healthy & vegetarian menu, from the detox plans to
the coldpresseed juices and tonics, the hummus and smoked salmon sandwiches to the various
quinoa, cus-cus, bulgur or basmati rice, salads accompanied by fresh vegetables, microgreens and
mushrooms, the Greek yogurts, non-dairy / gluten and vegan, the energetic balls, brownies and apple
pie all without added sugar or preservatives or dyes.
All put together and in a nutshell sums it up to one thought, slow down! Promote personal moments
of well-being, better eating habits and help a calmer mind through our cleansing detox.
The tradition.
Our Madeira Island offers several themed parties, a people that respects their customs and traditions.
Gobrunch accompanies these parties by adapting its menu and putting the creativity and
originality in the decoration and presentation of its products. In this way, we promote the events,
the fruits and vegetables of the time and in the promotion of the event. This direct contact with the
locals and visitors allows us a richer knowledge.