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The Regional Government of Madeira will reforest another 23 hectares in the hills above Funchal, which were hardest hit by the fires, the Regional Secretary for the Environment and Natural Resources announced today.

“This is an example of the reforestation we are developing, in the particular case, 23 hectares with 26 thousand indigenous plants such as heather, laurel, mountain range and beech of the islands, which are plants that, in addition to reducing soil erosion , increase forest resilience against fires, “explained Susana Prada.

The reforestation work had already begun, but “it will still take another few months”, given that there are high areas of the hills overlooking Funchal that are not yet reforested, in a work that is usually done during a period of six months, usually In the winter.

“Aware of climate change that is taking place, where the temperature is increasing, the precipitation decreasing and, in addition, the extreme events of precipitation are more frequent, the Regional Government, with the aim of protecting the population, both the forest fires, alluviums and even increase water reserves, has a high priority for reforestation, “explained Susana.