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A fisherman caught last Saturday in the bay of Funchal, a sea bass that is not common in the seas of Madeira.

Nicolò Pavesi, an Italian physiotherapist who worked in Madeira a few years ago, told JM that he had seen the fish in a first dive, could not hunt him, but at the second descent he succeeded.

Amazed by the fish species, which will not be registered in Madeira, Nicolò Paveri said he shared photos of the species on social networks and groups of fishermen and biologists and aroused great interest and curiosity about his hunting.

The physiotherapist, who has been underwater fishing in Madeira for three years, with an average of three dives per week, has no doubt that he did “an exceptional catch”. Also because there are scientific entities interested in staying with sea bass for research. The fish is frozen waiting to be delivered to a scientific authority, said Nicolò Pavesi.

This type of fish, because it is not habitual in the Madeiran seas, is fished in the seas of the Portuguese continent. It has a high commercial interest, and scientists who have already contacted the diver want to understand why this diversion to the Madeira Sea and whether there will be more. Climate change may be at the origin of this ‘voyage’ from sea bass to the Bay of Funchal.