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Thanks to Hanna for sending me this information.
Greetings, Toby!
I have been reading your blog for some years and really like it and often find useful information etc. Thank you so much!!!
The other day I visited Optics Museum (second time) and it is such a fantastic place that I thought that it should be made better known to tourists & locals and so you and your blog came to my mind. You would be the perfect person to promote this unique museum!!!!
Madeira Optics Museum
Rua das Pretas 51
The guy in charge is such a friendly and nice person and also very dedicated to the museum. It’s a beautiful place with a very inviting atmosphere (and very tidy) and surprisingly large collection of cameras etc. It’s a MUST SEE PLACE!
Hope I made you interested….
You can find them on FaceBook Here  or visit the website http://www.madeiraopticsmuseum.com/