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This is a very sad story of a mother who gave birth to twins on December 20th,  the mother remained in hospital, and became ill with fever, and to the shock of family, friends and medical doctors at the hospital, died on December 30th.

News released by Jornal Madeira Sunday, Monday and Tuesday gains new developments today.

The case of the death of the woman who gave birth to two twins and died ten days later, has just been brought to justice.

The news, revealed Sunday night in the online edition of Jornal Madeira and with developments in the printed editions of Monday and Tuesday, comes today with the indication that relatives are suspicious of medical negligence and that the process has already entered services of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The origin of the death remains unexplained and SESARAM has opted for silence in relation to this case, claiming the privacy protection of users and their families. However, JM learned that as early as Monday, 31, the procedures provided for these cases were internally triggered, requiring a process to investigate responsibilities.

It is also known that the tragic outcome surprised the health professionals and the family. Apparently, the mother would already be well, although she was still hospitalised at the Dr. Nélio Mendonça hospital ten days after having had a caesarean delivery that two premature babies were born. But unexpectedly, the mother had a fever, which led health workers to be wary of measles, as two cases were already reported at that time. Tests were performed and this was rejected. On Sunday morning, when her mother had already shown signs of improvement, she was found to have no signs of life.

The Journal knows that the mechanisms provided for in these situations have been activated, namely the internal investigation process and the autopsy to determine the causes of death. But so far, no public position of the hospital or SESARAM is known about the case that has shocked the public’s opinion, friends and family of the victim.