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Madeira registers more than 6 thousand returned from Venezuela, 2 thousand already placed in the labor market and 1300 registered in the Institute of Employment

The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, revealed today that more than six thousand people have returned from Madeira. The Government placed two thousand in the labor market and there are 1300 registered in the Institute of Employment. These data were disclosed during the visit to the stabilization works of Regional Road 231 – Quinta Grande, in Câmara de Lobos. It is a work in an unsettled zone, following the storm of February 20, 2010, involving an investment of one million euros.

The situation in Venezuela, particularly tense today, with serious developments from the point of view of the stability of the country, was a reason for Miguel Albuquerque’s approach, emphasizing that “the people of Madeira must realize two things. First, in the future, what is at stake in Madeira is to look at our history, with the conquest of Autonomy to allow the population of Madeira and Porto Santo to make their decisions, an important achievement of Portuguese democracy. What is at stake in the future is whether, out of stupidity or distraction, the people of Madeira want to give Autonomy to their detractors and that they want to end it. Second, what we have in Venezuela is the example of what socialism / communism is and what it generates, unemployment, shortcomings in the treatment of disease, economic stagnation and absence of political freedom. “

With regard to the returnees, Miguel Albuquerque has once again secured support in several areas. “We will continue to work to provide full support and there is no conflict with the population of Madeira. They are hardworking people. It’s an imperative.