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There is an area on the statue of Cristiano Ronaldo, located on Avenida Sá Carneiro in Funchal, next to the CR7 Museum, which has attracted attention because of an area more polished than the others.

The Sun newspaper says, for example, that “the crotch area was rubbed so often that the bronze was polished in a gleam difficult to lose.”

He adds that fans “were quick to notice the generous size bulge in shorts when the statue was open to the public.” The same publication says that it has “become a focal point for selfies, with fans apparently eager to touch it while posing for vacation photos.”

In 2010, tourist John Rodgers wanted to take a photo with the statue to send to his family. “As soon as I put the photo in the family WhatsApp group, everyone started laughing because they could not help but notice the well-rubbed area between their legs,” he reports.

“While waiting to get back on the cruise ship, I noticed a stream of tourists playing in that area,” he continues.

He concluded by saying that they were all smiling, “especially a young blonde girl who could not keep her hands off”.

Attention to  also the hands of the player present this brightness.

The newspaper also makes a selection of images that register this ‘phenomenon’:  Taken From Jornal Madeira

The link to the Sun Article Here