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Today, only one restaurant and one pastry shop were opened in the recreational port of Calheta.

The two establishments belong to the same owners, who did not want to speak to JM. The remaining traders say they closed their spaces today and for three months.

It should be remembered that the works on the slope above the recreation port of Calheta have been constantly postponed – first, because of the Christmas season, and later because of a lack of understanding with the merchants, but yesterday should have been the ” The Day “so that the works could pull off in force.

The road was closed late yesterday morning, but the merchants stamped their feet and kept their spaces open in full, with the terraces filled with customers.

And the justification was simple and straightforward: without guarantees in indemnity terms, without any communication or written agreement nobody closes the doors.

As you can read in today’s printed edition of the newspaper, the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructures stated that “the Regional Government is currently finalising the administrative procedures that will allow merchants, at the end of the works, to receive their respective compensation for the temporary closure of their establishments “.

Accordingly, the guardianship continues, “until this matter is resolved, the Government understands that traders may remain open.”

The Secretary of Amílcar Gonçalves wanted, through the JM, to point out that “the Regional Government is committed to collaborate with merchants, intending to resolve this issue as soon as possible in order to follow up on the work that has as main objective to guarantee the safety of people and goods. ”

The approximately 10 businessmen affected will be notified by letter in a few days, in a document where they will be asked for a survey of the expenses they will incur with the temporary closure of their establishments.

The objective is that, in this way, the Government can account for the value of the damages, inherent to the damages that the merchants will have to be forced to close doors during the next three months.