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The vice-president of the Regional Government, Pedro Calado, will sign cooperation protocols with three gay associations aimed at promoting tourism in the LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transsexual or Transsexual and Intersex) market niche. The decision was taken at the Governing Council meeting last Thursday and had not been made public so far.

The protocols will be signed this week. “The first aims to include Madeira in the international tourism route, taking Madeira to market niches, worldwide, where the region is seen as a welcoming destination,” said Pedro Calado to the Lusa agency, indicating that the leader of IGLTA , “Owner of a hotel chain, has already announced the first investment in Madeira, a hotel.”

According to Pedro Calado, the project will be located in the so-called ‘old quarter’ of the city of Funchal and will have a capacity for 88 rooms.

The approval of the draft Protocol of Cooperation to be signed with the entity IGLTA – International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association and with Opus Gay and Ex aequo Network, were published this Tuesday in a resolution in the Official Gazette of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

In the resolution, the Madeiran executive acknowledges that the IGLTA – International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, is the world’s leading organization dedicated to LGBT tourism, with more than 4,000 tourism business contacts in more than 75 countries.

“Considering that the association represents hotels, travel agents, tour operators with LGBT friendly focus and promotes companies online as gay friendly in eight different languages; Considering that the Regional Government intends to capture new tourist markets for the Region and IGLTA will be the facilitating agent for the LGBT market, seeking to promote and exploit the great growth of LGBT tourism worldwide.

In relation to Opus Gay and the Ex aequo Network, Portuguese associations to defend the rights of LGBT people – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite, Transgender or Transgender people, through the constant effort to include sexual minorities, the Government chaired by Miguel Albuquerque also recognizes the role they can play in building Madeira as a gay friendly destination.

“Opus Gay is a civic organization of a social character created to promote solidarity among all members of the Portuguese LGBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) community, beyond political, geographical, social or age boundaries, with 100 members, and Ex aequo Network, which has 780 members, aims to work in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or intersex uventude and social information regarding the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, “reads in the resolution 23/2019.

The Governing Council also recognizes that “Opus Gay and the Ex aequo Network have played a leading role in social development, fostering a culture of tolerance towards sexual orientation. Considering the psychological and social support that Opus Gay and the Ex aequo Network provide, avoiding situations of discrimination. “

Considering the importance of membership, volunteerism of the members of Opus Gay and of the Ex aequo Network, and the primary role assigned to them in the area of ​​social development, and it is in the public interest to enable them to act.

To this end, the Governing Council, meeting in plenary on January 17, last Thursday, instruct the Vice-President, Pedro Calado, to sign on behalf of the Autonomous Region of Madeira the draft Protocol of Cooperation to be celebrated with IGLTA – International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, as well as Opus Gay and the Ex aequo Network.