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The departure of professionals from the Regional Health Service to the new private hospital is not, in the eyes of Pedro Ramos, a problem that arises at this moment.

“The fact that five professionals from the medical and surgical area of ​​SESARAM left the private system is not a problem because we also opened more places and opened the third year of medicine in Madeira,” said the minister, assuring that the Secretary will “use every opportunity to captivate doctors”. 
“What often happens in this transition is that later those who went to work for the private system try to return to the public system because the rules of the private system also no longer suit them,” said the regional health secretary, noting that this is a situation that has been going on for 10 or 15 years, since the appearance of public-private partnerships in the national space.

They do not have enough doctors and nurses working in the public system as it is, this is why waiting lists are 10 years or more for basic operations. With a new public hospital planned, it begs the question where they will get the staff. Pay is so poor this is why many leave Madeira, and those that stay work private, and do only one day a week in the public hospital.

I saw somewhere the other day, you can expect to wait almost 1,800 days for a first consultation, but cannot find this now.

What do others think on this situation?