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Thanks to all who came on my tour today with me and Pearl of the Atlantic.

We visited this wonderful place on the north of the island, and I share a few photos and a brief history.

Throughout the years, Quinta do Furão’s past owners have always been related to wine production. The Quinta got its name by one of the first owners of the property. His nickname was Furão (Ferret). The locals gave this name due to his natural instinct for business. Some elderly locals say that there used to be wild Ferrets at Achada do Gramacho but they haven’t been spotted for many years.

The property was bought by the Madeira Wine Company, who at the time produced it’s own grapes to then be transformed to wine, but in 1992 made a strategic decision. They decided to give up producing the grapes and started buying them from other producers and became responsible only for the wine transformation process.
The company sold the property to the present owners of Quinta do Furão and in 1993 the Restaurant was built. 5 years later it was decided to invest in building the first quality hotel project in the north of the island. Since then, it has been known internationally for its quality and its close link to nature.

I still have two tours planned for February 6th and 16th which all the details are pinned to the top of my blog on the home page.