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The ‘Whale Tales Project’ project has started, for research and conservation of the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) in the Madeiran waters

The project started in January, with several sea exits to the south of the island of Madeira, according to information provided by researchers from the Center for Marine and Environmental Research (MARE-Madeira) / Madeira Ocean Observatory (OOM) ) / Regional Agency for the Development of Research Technology and Innovation (ARDITI).

The scientists Ana Dinis, Filipe Alves and Rita Ferreira had several meetings with sperm whales, which made it possible to collect photographs to identify individuals and biopsies for genetic, physiological and toxicological studies.
“This project aims to increase scientific knowledge about habitat use and the physiological condition of the sperm whale in the Macaronesian insular waters, focusing on the Madeira archipelago, where there is less information.” The applied methodology is multidisciplinary and innovative because it combines the areas of spatial ecology, ecophysiology and ecotoxicology “; refers to the note distributed to the media.
The Whale Tales Project should produce fundamental information about the sperm whale that leads to positive behaviors and attitudes toward ocean conservation. The project is funded by the FUND for the Conservation of Oceans, created by the Oceanário de Lisboa and the Fundação Oceano Azul, worth fifty thousand euros and will last for three years.