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The images of two sea lions were captured this Thursday by the maritime-tourist company “Madeira Sea Emotions” and lead them to believe that they are possibly in breeding season.

“Today we were presented with the visit of two sea lions near the Sardine pier, and this joint presence is very rare on the coast of the island of Madeira, so that at this time they are very likely to be in a mating ritual, is a publication of this maritime-tourism company, accompanied by about a dozen photographs.

It should be noted that this is not a common situation, even as the forecasts point to a population estimated at 25-30 seals. It is considered the rarest seal in the world and exists only in the archipelago of Madeira, especially in the Desertas Islands.

About a year ago, the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation reported that two female sea lions had been detected with offspring, and one of the animals was on the open beach normally used by this species at breeding season and the other , at the entrance of a cave.

These two fur seals, sighted yesterday along the Sardine pier, may be in breeding season, which shows that we may have good news soon, and there are more pups.