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Thank you to Lorraine for sending me this information, if anyone can help with tools or a donation to buy some please let me or Lorraine know.

We are working with ‘homes and schools’ here in Madeira on a Small Boat Project that is intended to help the disadvantaged children living and learning in these establishments to learn a skills in a practical and fun way. CEX have sponsored the boat kits and we have four projects almost ready to go.
To help these children we still need some tools and we ask that if you have any of the following lying around in your shed/workshop that you would like to donate, please let me know. Your help will get these kids working on a fantastic project – learning maths, hand crafts, team work, problem solving and ultimately – taking their completed project and learning to sail in it!

Hand saws, F clamps, claw hammers, soft mallet, bench vice, screw drivers,wood chisels, sharpening stone, spirit level, straight edge, tape measure, carpenters square and angle rule, electric drill & bits, hack saw, sanding blocks, mole grip, pliers, snips, mitre box, trestles, rasps, files.

I hope you can help us out and support these children.

Please If you have anything you can help us with you can contact us at: [email protected]