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The businessman António Trindade went to the Hospital dos Marmeleiros in Funchal this afternoon and did not like what he saw. So he shared this reflection on his Facebook wall:

“To leave the Hospital Marmeleiros, where I have been to visit my brother, in a very weak state of health, I can not fail to express in this space the feeling of revolt and desolation before what is presented to me. Before the devotion of a medical and nursing class, to whom I pay my full honor, the state of such great deterioration of a building (exteriors, interiors, walls, doors, floors, equipment, etc.) that over-crowded can not to do minimally in the face of something that can be considered as a worthy response to the needs of a weak and often desperate population.
Managing is a lot, setting priorities and facing a Region with an inverted age pyramid, those of health will have to take a place first.
It is not enough to speak of a new public hospital, which, at best, will be operational within 6, 7 or 8 years. What to do with patients who in the coming times do not have any opportunity to use the private health service? It’s because, from what I’ve seen, the state of degradation can only worsen at an incalculable rate. and this without mentioning the deficit of People and medicines. When I open a newspaper and see news, not only about the results of the crazy public investments, but also about so many leisure and sporting events and other cultural festivals, heavily subsidised to serve “small powers” interests, I wonder if anyone who manages the Power, has a clear conscience about the priorities that it assumes.
In private and business terms, I will do my best to be able to collaborate in some reduction of these “evils”, with the awareness that, what personally and businessly paid in terms of taxes, allows me to be critical of the policy followed by those who manage “The money of others”.

Thank god someone has spoken about the 3rd world state of our hospitals  the main hospital in Funchal is not far behind that of  Marmeleiros, its a disgusting disgrace to the island  of such few people, and waiting lists of 10 years or more.

Taken from Funchal News