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Imagine: you wake up to go to work but the world around you looks different. There is no stinky underground, angry faces and cold rain. Instead, sunshine beams into your face as you are heading for the office along streets full of flowers and palm trees, and coffee cups are clinking, and bakery smells invitingly.

This is not a dream but the reality if you live and work in Madeira. Your daily routine can completely change, just like mine.

I come from a country with a very continental climate and four distinct seasons. Five months in a year we would observe a grey rag over the sky instead of sun, hide in coats and sweaters and swallow car fumes on the way to work. Then summer would come, and cold would turn into unbearable heat: everybody sweating, and same fumes and irritated faces. It was an intricate torture, especially when you remembered that this was your reality for the whole year except for maybe a couple of weeks of vacation in a nice place, if you were lucky.

So when we received an invitation for a project in Madeira, it was a no brainer: we packed our bags and moved to the island. Now I can say that this was one of the best things that has ever happened to us.

Most benefits of living on a tropical island are obvious: the climate, friendly and hospitable people, exotic fruit and vegetables and world-class waves if you fancy surfing like me. However, there is one great advantage we didn’t know about when we arrived.

Turns out, Madeira can provide jobs in innovative area because it is becoming a new IT hub. Some companies are local start-ups but there are also international enterprises which opened their offices on the island for the sake of tax benefits and the opportunity to work from an awesome location. One of such companies is Connecting Software. It produces integration solutions for businesses and even creates software for the area which is called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – innovation not only for Portugal but for many developed countries. And all of this in between sunbathing on the beach or hiking in the mountains.

Before you start hating me, let me say this. I am writing these lines not to brag – this is an invitation.

The company is hiring now, and you can become a part of the team and have this lifestyle, too. 

Connecting Software is looking for talents for its office in Madeira. The call is not only for the residents of the island but also for international experts who would live on a paradise island.

Are you tired of commuting, cold and unhealthy environment? This offer is for you.

Would you like to live in a place where all the rest of the world comes on holidays?

Would you like to work in an international innovative software company and grow together with it?

Check open positions and the contact information here.

Madeira is the newest location of the company.  With the headquarters in Austria, it also has offices in Slovakia and the USA. Here on the island, the team of 13 people produces software and takes care of administrative and marketing needs. Initially, the company wanted to have only a representative office on the island but because how great everything turned out, it now intends to grow. According to the CEO Thomas Berndorfer, by the end of 2019, the team in Madeira should expand to at least 20 people. “We started with developers but now moved software testers here and created a marketing team, too. Our next step is to add a maintenance team. The more the better. We are convinced about the potential of our business”, says Thomas.

If you have dreamt about changing your life, this opportunity is for you. Don’t lose it and apply now.

Also if some of your friends need this invite or push, make sure to share this information. You can help them with something they have always wanted and didn’t believe it was possible. Madeira is waiting!