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On a day when hotel entrepreneur António Trindade warned of the importance of Madeira to take information about the 2019 ferry operation to ITB, the largest tourism fair in Europe, taking place in Berlin from 6 to 10 March, the founder of Grupo Cruise ferry-Madeira reveals that the expectation regarding the maritime connection of passengers for this year “is pessimistic”, taking into account that the “Volcan de Tijarafe”, the “ferry” that would have all the conditions to ensure the route, in terms of “Maritime safety, stable navigation and good accommodation comfort,” was placed “in a new maritime connection in the Mediterranean in November 2018.

For Paulo Melich Farinha, that “ferry” nowadays “accomplishes with remarkable success, the maritime connection between Gandia, in the Peninsula, with the islands of Ibiza and Palma. Given this scenario, it is expected that the success of this ferry in the Mediterranean will increase this summer, so it will be more difficult to get a ferry to carry out the trips scheduled this summer in Madeira. “In the past, the” Tijarafe Volcano “has made regular trips between the Canary Islands, Madeira and Portimão, on a weekly basis, all year round, from 2008 until the end of January 2012, mainly due to the 15% increase in high port rates in the Port of Funchal and for reasons of obstacles to the ferry operations, including in the logistic of the rolled cargo. In the summer of 2018, he made successful trips between the Canary Islands, Madeira and Portimão. ”

The head of the group that has defended the ferry all year round alludes to the position of António Trindade, a businessman and hotel manager, where he reports that 60 to 70% of the summer holiday marking in Northern Europe (from where the great majority of our tourists) is made by the end of February, and referring also, how good it would be to take information about the Ferry 2019 operation to ITB in Berlin, which will take place within a week. ” Paulo Farinha adds that “it is the same with the Portuguese, who schedule their vacations in advance, and it is regrettable, we know nothing at all, about the ferry connection for this summer. For example, emigrants despair.”

Regarding the position of the Government of the Republic, on the financing of the operation, which would give another regularity to the operation, Paulo Farinha states that he expects, with expectation, the position of the Minister of the Sea in what concerns “the installation of a ferry ramp in Lisbon “, Suggesting a second ramp, in Funchal, to the Lota area, between it and the Cais Norte, and as he remembers,” the 2nd ferry ramp has been designed for the Port of Funchal since 1972, there being even a project for such ” .

I have the paper project, stressing that “this suggestion of ramp ferry, does not hinder the manoeuvrability of the local ferry” Lobo Marinho “, even with cruise ships moored.

Defends for the Region the concept “cruise ferry”, explains that this concept as intended for tourists who “like to move between destinations, with their vehicles, in ferry ships. In Europe, thousands of Europeans, cross the waters with their vehicles, and embark on normal ferries or cruise ships. If Lisbon has a ferry ramp, tourists will be able to board a ferry to Madeira, as happened in Portimão between 2008 and January 2012. Evidently due to the centrality of the country, Lisbon will be more attractive for passengers, whether tourists or not, the monetization of the ferry will be more promising. ”

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Translated from FN