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A group of individuals prevented a tragedy at the end of the night, last night. 

Apparently, a 22-year-old man stopped his vehicle on the expressway (VR1) in the direction of Funchal-Caniço, and attempted to throw himself off the Ribeira João Gomes bridge.

He was prevented by a group of friends, who had been in search of the young colleague for two days.

According to a police source, the car of his friends pulled along against the desperate man’s vehicle, preventing him from taking the tragic decision.

Later, they grabbed the friend and took him to a gas station, asking for help to the authorities through 112.

In addition to the PSP, a Red Cross ambulance provided relief to the victim, who was admitted to the hospital with his friends. A happy ending, much because of the commitment of friends, who looked for their colleague two days ago and eventually found him.

Photo. Clifford Charles Photography