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The re-qualification of the Funchal Marina, building and exteriors, promises to give modernity to the space, integrating it throughout the surrounding area and recreating a new centrality to the city. APRAM (Madeira Ports Administration) has opened a competition and it has already been published in the Diário da República newspaper on February 15th. The basic price of the procedure is EUR 175,000. The lead time is 165 days.

The objective, according to the project’s aim, is to “reconcile the marina’s facilities and spaces with its surroundings, reinforcing the connections to the rest of the urban fabric, namely access, functionality and performance. The intervention to be proposed should establish material and formal conditions for this area to be linked to the promenade along with the City Pier, the marina, the People Square and the avenue of the Sea, so that it interconnects with the set and makes it more interesting and appealing.

The building will have its interior spaces destined for services and commerce, which will be located at the level of the wharf of the marina and, there will be an extension of the walk of the avenue, with sidewalk and garden areas with urban furniture.

There should also be a tunnel connection between the two marinas to be carried out under the city quay. This passage will allow the continuous and fluid route between the two spaces and will solve problems of circulation, allowing the wheelchair access between the two marinas.

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