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The Madeira-based sailor Henrique Afonso, who started his return from the Port of Funchal on January 15, aboard the ‘Sofia do Mar’ sailboat, arrived this morning (9:33 am local time – 10h33 in Portugal) on the island of Sal, in Cape Verde, practically in record time after traveling about 850 nautical miles.

The sailor, who left the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife last Sunday (6:55 pm), took less than seven days to reach the Cape Verdean archipelago, when the normal time is nine days, thus leaving the indication of good winds . In this second stop, as the DAILY has already advanced, Henrique Afonso will deliver dozens of toys to the children of Cape Verde.

Remember that Madeira, resident in Jardim do Mar, will return to Madeira only in 2022, by the time of the ‘Festa da Lapa’, in Paul do Mar, after going through all the oceans that bathe our planet.