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Henrique Afonso has already crossed half of the Atlantic Ocean. After leaving Cape Verde, more specifically on the island of Brava, on the 18th of February, on the way to the Caribbean, the nine-day Madeira sailor has passed the intermediate point of the longest course ever made in this epic trip. In all, there will be about 2,200 nautical miles that ‘Sofia do Mar’ will travel, connecting the African continent to the American continent.

It is recalled that in the early days , the Madeira had some problems due to the little wind that was felt, having sailed last week at an average speed of 2 knots, which made the crossing “very slow”, as the himself confided to the Diario Noticias through a message sent from the high seas.

But since Monday the paradigm has changed. The wind helped and Henrique Afonso now navigates at an average of 5 knots, now having to face about a thousand nautical miles ahead to reach the Caribbean, where he plans to anchor the ‘Sofia do Mar’, a sailboat about nine meters long. Saint Lucia or Barbados is one of the two islands where the sailor intends to ‘park’ and, of course, rest.