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“Madeira is already in the field looking for alternatives to Germania”, who is guaranteed by Miguel Albuquerque.

The German company today filed for bankruptcy and announced the cancellation of all flights, and, as Paula Cabaço acknowledged, “Suddenly, the destination [Madeira] loses 106 thousand seats by plane.”

Already after the regional secretary responsible for Tourism issued a statement, the president of the Regional Government said that “we are already in the process of making the recovery, as we have done with the English market.”

In Santana, on the sidelines of a visit to the local supplier market, Miguel Albuquerque agreed that bankruptcy “is a setback for Madeira,” but he added, “bankruptcies of companies occur and we have to be prepared to find alternatives and ourselves agents themselves have to find alternatives. “

In this cycle of bankruptcies and recoveries, the Regional Executive leader gives other examples in which recovery was possible. “At the beginning of last year there was a bankruptcy of Monarch, Air Berlin and Niki Lauda Air and we managed to recover. In the second half of 2018 we almost completely recovered the number of flights to Madeira.