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The man suspected of starting the fire that broke out on Friday in a building in the centre of Funchal was left without an identity and residence card, today announced the Court of the Region of Madeira.

The defendant, who was removed from the building on Friday by firefighters and “indicted for a crime of fire, explosion and other particularly dangerous behaviour”, was “returned to freedom with a clause where he will have to attend the police station twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays of the area of ​​residence “.

In a statement, the Court of the District of Madeira also indicates that the man, a native of Madeira and 34, will have to undergo “drug addiction treatment in an appropriate institution.”

The Judiciary Police had announced today that the man was detained by “strong indications” of being the author of the fire

The man was detained on Tuesday after investigations by the Judicial Police, with the collaboration of the Public Security Police, which allowed them to be identified and collected “relevant evidence”.

The PJ said in a statement that it was the “presumed perpetrator” of the fire that broke out in the building of the former Companhia Insular de Moinhos, about 19:20, having reached large dimensions and endangered neighbouring buildings.

In the fight against the fire, which partially destroyed the vacant building, 63 firemen and 24 vehicles of the Sapadores, the Madeiran Volunteers and Câmara de Lobos and Municipal de Santa Cruz were involved, and a homeless man was removed at that time in the Central Hospital of Funchal.

Another person was also seen leaving the building by their own means.

The five-storey building of the Company Insular de Moinhos, located in Largo do Pelourinho, in Funchal, has housed a grain mill since 1929.

In 1935 it underwent an intervention and a factory chimney of great proportions was implanted that constituted a reference of the city of Funchal.

In 2017, Grupo Sá sold the property to the AFA Group, which is the current owner, where it intends to build a city hotel.