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The Captaincy of the port of Funchal announced the evacuation of a crew member of the ship “Kiran Africa”, a Turkish man of 38 years, this afternoon.

The procedure involved the coordination of the efforts of the Funchal Port Authority, the Funchal Search and Rescue Coordination Sub-Center (MRSC Funchal) and the Regional Civil Protection Service (SRPC IR-RAM).

The MRSC Funchal received the alert at 12:30 pm, by telephone contact with the Lisbon Coordination Center for Search and Rescue (MRCC Lisbon). The vessel was immediately contacted and forwarded to the INEM – Center for the Guidance of Patients at Sea ( CODU-Mar), which assessed the clinical situation and determined that medical evacuation should be carried out with medical personnel on board.

The evacuation was carried out at 2:20 pm, using the lifeboat of the Port Authority of Funchal “ISN-SR40”.

After landing at the marina in Funchal, the individual was transported to the Dr. Nélio Mendonça hospital by an ambulance of the Madeiran Volunteer Fire Brigade.

It is believed the man suffered serious burns.