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Daisy, a Golden Retriever bitch, entered the life of Liliana Martins from Madeira when she did not even dream of how important she would be in her life. Daisy did not receive any type of training, but is today her emotional assistance dog.

Three years ago, Liliana suffered a post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by a surgery that went wrong that even today leaves marks. Daisy was only three months old and reacted to the first fainting of many that would follow because of panic and anxiety attacks that took over her daily life.

Daisy, as soon as she realised that her mistress was not well, reacted by barking compulsively. Over time, and with the repetition of these events, Liliana began to act whenever she received an alert. Her first reaction began to be to the emergency room, to leave the door open and to lie down in bed while she waited for help. Daisy stood by her side and, scarcely sensing the upcoming elevator, went to the fire department and sent them to her owner.

The situation worsened with time, which made Liliana not able to be alone or leave the house. Today, little by little, she is rebuilding herself and returning to a normal life.