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The Political Commission of the Socialist-Madeira Party, meeting tonight, lamented the “chaos in which health is found in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM)”.

At the end of the meeting, the president of PS-M reported on the main problems affecting the health sector in Madeira, starting with the reduction of 12.5 million euros in investment in health centers in 2019, which will cause us to have fewer than 283,000 queries. “Where is that Health that was a reference and was for some years pointed out as a flag of our Region?” Emanuel Câmara asked, noting that “there is a disinvestment in primary health care that calls into question every Madeirans “.

On the other hand, the leader of the socialists also pointed out about 40,000 waiting hospital consultations, as well as the 20,000 people on the waiting list for surgeries (when in 2015 they were 16,000). “This is the result of the incompetence of this government that still manages the destinies of the RAM,” said Emanuel Câmara, hoping that, as of September 22, “Madeira and Porto Santo will put an end to this cycle.” In this context, he also recalled the fact that 1,122 clients had left the waiting list for surgery because, “unfortunately, they died, many of them probably because their health problem was not resolved in a timely manner”, due to “the negligence of the Government of this Region in what the Health of all of us concerns “.

He also said that the answer to the resolution of health problems “could never be within that party that has governed us for 42 years, but rather the Socialist Party, with new policies, capable people and new ideas to manage the destinies of RAM, commanded by Paulo Cafôfo. “

Straight translation from Jornal Madeira