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Thanks to Susan for sending me this.

Jardin do Lago is a lovely hotel, we had lunch there.

It has magnificent gardens.
Annabella the assistant manager showed us round the beautiful house and gave us the history of the house, which they have owed for 20 years.  She was very helpful and showed us all the gardens.  All the staff made us very welcomed.
We met Colombo a giant tortoise in the gardens where he now lives free and has his own little house.
Colombo was brought to  Madeira by a young man as a tiny baby born 60 years from the Galapagos Islands.  He is friendly and likes being stroke.
He was born 1958 and now weighs 417 kg.
Jardins do Lago is a lovely hotel to visit to see the beautiful gardens, have lunch or tea and meet Colombo.
Susan and Michael