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The Regional Secretary for Infrastructures and Equipment commented on the crash last Saturday at the restaurant Rocha Mar, Calheta, with the intention of “not to feed more speculations and false theories about it.”

“The Regional Government, throughout this process of stabilization of the escarpment of the marginal of Calheta, always had a posture and a responsible approach of the situation and, so much so that it is already the third time that it will intervene in the escarpment of Calheta and already has in project a fourth prepared intervention “, clarifies the note sent to the newsrooms.

“Concerning the specific issue of the restaurant O Camarão (now known as Rocha Mar), the situation refers to 2011 and is related to a very complex and troubled expropriation process, including threats to the physical integrity of the technicians, in which the final result was in fact the failure to carry out the planned work. If the work in this area were effectively carried out, this expropriation would be unavoidable since the execution of the dismantling of the blocks would lead to the destruction of a large part of the building, “added the statement from the Regional Secretariat for Infrastructure and Equipment.

On the works that are starting now on the escarpment overlooking the Calheta Pleasure Harbour “and the hypothetical cause / effect relation on the fall of last Saturday’s rocky block, the Regional Government categorically refutes this theory since the works, until now carried out, are only summaries of the area to be intervened and the placing of two cranes at the top of the escarpment. Although foreseen in the contract, no drilling or anchoring work has been carried out so far. The work done so far has not contributed at all to the addition of vibrations on the escarpment. ”

“As far as the owner of the restaurant, Camarão (currently Rocha Mar) is concerned, during the consolidation works adjacent to the building in question, has always put innumerable obstacles in the way and made it difficult to carry out the work, even the preparatory work for the security of its space commercial, “the press release adds.

Regarding the recent declarations of the tenant of the establishment, the Regional Government clarifies “that he requested an opinion from an external entity that, in turn, submitted to the LREC for assessment of its compliance with what is required by the PDM.”

“Indeed, in the study delivered there were some references to the dangers that could ultimately compromise the safety of the building. In this sense, the study applicant was the first to receive this information, which did not prevent the continuity of his activity. It would not be the responsibility of the LREC and it is not within its competence to make any effort to close down the establishment or to make any request in this regard, “the press release reads.

“It is important to note that the island of Madeira has areas with high risks and that it is absolutely impossible, given the geomorphological characteristics of the region, to completely eliminate the associated risks. The work that the Regional Government has been carrying out in this area has been to mitigate these situations and always within the applicable legal and technical framework. Public entities, as well as citizens, play an important role in managing these risks, and everyone has an active and responsible role in the safety of people and goods ”

The Regional Government guarantees that “it is available to collaborate with the competent entities in the determination of the facts”. “There will be no more speculation and false theories surrounding this situation, so that, henceforth, no further statements will be made about this tragic episode, even because it is already being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” he concludes.

The landslide in the restaurant Rocha Mar, last Saturday, in Calheta, caused one fatality.

Translation from DN